We all make mistakes

Last Friday I was working at a customer where I had to Copy & Paste some person document’s into a secondary address book. Every time I attempted to do it the process would hang and simply wouldn’t stop unless I manually broke it off (CTRL + BREAK). Now […]

Lotusphere 2011

I’m not there….. Unfortunately but that’s live isn’t it?! Some of my colleagues are though and at the Business Development Day yesterday they got a really nice surprise when IBM used Forbo’s (one of our customers) Connections cases as an example in their presentation. Thanks to @marceldehoog for […]

Geek Jewelry

via oddee.com Wedding rings for a Nerd-couple. To divorce: “Simply unplug”….


I’ve installed my fare share of servers over the years. It’s not my main task but if it comes up I’ll do it. The one thing I’ve always really liked about setting up servers is that you usually also get the chance to make up it’s name. Ok, […]

Just for laughs

Ok, not work related at all but one that really gave me a good Monday morning laugh 🙂 Ignore the guy talking in Dutch (he’s just talking about the fish).http://dewerelddraaitdoor.vara.nl/typo3conf/ext/vara_flashplayer/player/player.swf

Recent Contacts – blessing in disguise or admin headache?

In Lotus Notes version 8 the Recent Contacts functionality was added. Users love it but for administrators it can be a bit of headache. The problem is that it adds all recipient and sender addresses to the Recent Contacts list. Not just external contacts but also internal contacts; […]

Loving Lotus Notes!

Why is it that negative spin always seem to stick longer then positive feedback? Lotus Notes has been here for over 20 years and it’s still going strong! How often do you hear of Lotus environments being hacked? Or applications rendered completely useless after an upgrade?? Lotus notes […]

Firebug Lite makes my day!

Anyone doing web design regularly uses tools to do so. One of the tools I used to used a lot was Firebug. A simple add-in for Firefox that allows you to inspect and debug code, CSS and HTML on websites directly while viewing the site. A lovely tool. […]

Smart ways to use Twitter commercially

Twitter is a lovely tool to keep in touch with your friends, customers and contacts and learn what they are doing. But how can you use it for business purposes? I had a discussion with some of my colleagues and a fellow Business Partner recently about this. Because […]