Early Adopter

I got a baby card in the mail this weekend from a good friend that just had his first son. Nothing special there, it listed the obvious details as name, date of birth, weight and length as well as the normal visiting hours for baby & mum. What […]

Holiday – Letting Go

So for the first time in years I managed to take a holiday. Not just a few days or week or two around christmas but a regular couple of weeks in July. I can’t remember when I did that last. Now it’s not as if I couldn’t take […]

Social media frenzy and Obama's death

So the last few weeks we’ve been seeing somewhat of a Social Media frenzy among Social Media users. With Google+ going live (nicely hyping it by limiting access calling it a ‘beta’), Facebook reacting with its new Video chat functionality and Twitter…. Well Twitter kept silent. The only […]

Google+….. Searching for the plus….

After waiting impatiently for days to get into Google+ I got in. Excited to check out all the new features I started exploring. That took me about 10 minutes. “Is that it?“…. Yep that was it. Than real life caught up with me along with a major workflow […]

Still no access to Google+…. Getting frustrated!

Grrr…. Everybody seems to be tweeting and blogging about Google+ and I’m still waiting for my invite to arrive (yes I finally got someone to send me one, it just hasn’t arrived yet!). So I’m left waiting for Google+ to open up or the invite to arrive. And […]

Social networking in RL

I got this link from a tweet someone sent and checked it out. Nice presentation clearly when linked to the whole Google+ hype at the moment. What I found most intriguing though was the creators little bio. It said “I find out what things people need and care […]

True colors

This has been a very strange week in many aspects. On the one hand there was this Lotus community call with the very provocative title “Is the Lotus Brand Going Away?” and on the other hand I had a very important personal engagement that absorbed about all of […]

Could I offer you; another social network?

I’ll admit it, I’m really curious to see what the Google+ project is all about! No, I don’t have an invitation and judging on this post I probably will have to wait a while before I get one. But when I do I will certainly give it a […]

Help anyone?!?

Ok after yesterdays Google ‘Feedback’ button I had another great chuckle today. Tried clicking the ‘Help’ button in the Quickr Migrator tool for DDM and got the following memorable response… 🙂

Feedback? You bet!

With Google heading in a new and possible exiting direction with its Google+ project and their new Me on the Web tool I was checking out some of the new features and stumbled upon the Google Profile. Not something I had ever seen before (even though it supposedly […]