Loving Lotus Notes!

Why is it that negative spin always seem to stick longer then positive feedback? Lotus Notes has been here for over 20 years and it’s still going strong! How often do you hear of Lotus environments being hacked? Or applications rendered completely useless after an upgrade?? Lotus notes is as strong and vibrant as always and we know it (heck, we LOVE it!) now let’s tell the world!

Some sites for Lotus lovers:
Site started by a conglomerate of Dutch IBM Business Partners (in Dutch) trying to get the positive vibe of Lotus products out there.

Nice site (English) where everyone can share his/her love for Lotus Notes.
I Love Lotus Notes!

Let’s get the word out there!

3 thoughts on “Loving Lotus Notes!

  1. Is this a joke? I may be biased, since I found this site while looking for a decent Lotus Notes Hate blog, but what drove me to my mania was the fact that Lotus Notes does not work, and neither does IBMs help/remedy team. Perhaps if you work for IBM you could mention that in your post, so that readers know why you have such a positive Outlook (pun intended).

  2. Dear ´anonymous´. I do not and have never worked for IBM. Had you taken the time to read my Bio or check my LinkedIn (link on the right) you would have known this. I´m sorry your experiences aren´t that good but don´t expect the rest of the world to agree with everything you think. The fact you compare it to Outlook (only a mail program) shows how little you actually know about the product. Good luck and next time at least have the curtousy to sign with your name. Who knows, you might even get some help instead

  3. Just as anonymous, I had to stop in becuase I was thrown by a blog devoted to the "love of Lotus Notes." I work the IT dept for my company and within a shift I might spend 70%+ of my time in Notes. Having a first hand experience with the user frustration with Notes that occurs in my office, not to mention the Help Desk guy that, at times, wants to rip his hair out over user issues that occur, I can give some tips on how to minimize the headaches when using Lotus Notes:First, its a good idea to make sure your computer has the minimum recommended specs for the CPU and more than recommended for the RAM.You wouldn't believe how much crash instances were reduced just by upgrading to 4GB of memory. Lotus Notes is a memory hog, especially when you run multiple internal lotus DB apps, Sametime and mail simultaneously. RAM errors are very common Notes issues. Second, use the Killnotes program to stop any processes that are left behind in the even of an error so that you dont have to reboot each time a problem occurs. this small 10kb file can be downloaded at < http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Servers/Server-Tools/KillNotes.shtml > Third, its a good idea to close the program after your shift, even reboot your computer at least twice a week to keep the processes fresh. Even though your network admin may require the computer stay on, you can still reboot as often as you would like.Finally, make sure you are using a recent version of Lotus Notes. Even though most admins like to wait until a newer version has 'proven' itself before pushing it out to the company's computers, the version before the most recent should at least be used to reduce problems.I hope this helps with some of the frustrations felt by the masses of users forced to endure the pain that is Tortoise Notes.<–Thanks for reading -)

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