I’ve installed my fare share of servers over the years. It’s not my main task but if it comes up I’ll do it. The one thing I’ve always really liked about setting up servers is that you usually also get the chance to make up it’s name. Ok, you can’t always go berserk with it as most companies have some sort of naming scheme but in general you have some wriggling space to come up with something original. And I really like the idea that for years to come users will wonder whoever came up with the crazy idea of calling a server “Ferengi” (yes it was inspired by Startrek). Enfin, you get my drift.

My current companies server name isn’t that inventive. It is simply called ‘mail2’. Kind of lame if you ask me. Especially as there is no ‘mail1’ in sight anywhere. So when I heard they were installing a totally new server I proposed renaming it to something more inventive. My colleagues (who apparently don’t really care much how its named anyway) started joking and the result is that our new server will be named “Nemo”, after our late office fish that died earlier this week and was ceremonially buried in the toilet.

I love it! Especially as I’m envisioning a whole lot of spin-off server names. What about a Quickr server called “Dory”, “Marlin” the Docova server and of course “Bloat” the Sametime server!

Bloat – Finding Nemo

I can just imagine saying “Hé, can you reset Bloat? It’s having hick-ups“.