Firebug Lite makes my day!

Anyone doing web design regularly uses tools to do so. One of the tools I used to used a lot was Firebug. A simple add-in for Firefox that allows you to inspect and debug code, CSS and HTML on websites directly while viewing the site. A lovely tool.

Unfortunately Firebug is not compatible with the Firefox 4.0b6 Beta release I installed a couple of days ago so it didn’t work anymore. 
I installed the Firefox Beta because of some other functionalities I wanted and as I’m not currently in a web project I didn’t really mind that Firebug wasn’t working in the Beta. Until I wanted to change something this morning in my blog design and missed my trusted Firebug icon.


So I searched the Firebug site for a compatible Beta. There wasn’t any but I did see something else. a Firebug Lite version that opens as a website instead of a full blown add-on and can be used in other browsers as well.
Ok, this is interesting because I’ve wanted the Firebug functionality to work in Internet Explorer for ages (don’t like the IE tools, to complex for what I need and I’m used to working with Firebug). But as Firebug is a Firefox add-on I just never even considered it as something I could use in IE.
Here was a lite version however that simply calls a javascript making it Browser compatible with most larger browsers. You just add a bookmark (Firefox) / Favorite (IE) to the Firebug Lite Javascript and when you want to inspect a site you simply click the bookmark, presto! Now I have Firebug in both my Firefox as well as IE!

Ok, it might be total geek mode but this makes my day!