Twitter DM's not private…. Weiner watch out!

Applications can use the Twitter API  to get you to grant them access to your twitter account without having to share your username and password. You would expect your DM’s to be excluded though by default from the information (eg. Tweets, Favs, Lists, etc) that applications can than […]

VMWare's Mother's day offer

Did you get it? No? Well than you missed something. Two weeks ago I received two messages in the mail from VMWare with a Mother’s day offer: The first one addressed me, telling me how VMWare would save me time that I could than spent on finding my […]

Drijg briev!

Ok, sometimes you just need to not take yourself too serious. Especially when it comes to thinking about your life and career. On moments like that I can always trust on my Mum. She has saved every little scrap of paper I ever produced and among those are […]

LCTY 2011 March 29th in Houten – Be Social, be there!

Didn’t have a change to go to Lotusphere this year? Here’s your chance to catch up on all the developments: (To sign up go to the Silverside site)

Nerdy talk

Overheard in the office: Can you CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+M, CTRL+V, ALT 1 that?Nerds…. translation: Can you send me a copy?

Error handling

Love this! Something goes wrong while writing a DM on twitter and in stead of deflecting blame (“Something went wrong”) or assigning blame (“Oops, it seems you did something wrong”) it simply takes full blame for the problem. Wish more sites / software would be so insightful! So […]

We all make mistakes

Last Friday I was working at a customer where I had to Copy & Paste some person document’s into a secondary address book. Every time I attempted to do it the process would hang and simply wouldn’t stop unless I manually broke it off (CTRL + BREAK). Now […]

Lotusphere 2011

I’m not there….. Unfortunately but that’s live isn’t it?! Some of my colleagues are though and at the Business Development Day yesterday they got a really nice surprise when IBM used Forbo’s (one of our customers) Connections cases as an example in their presentation. Thanks to @marceldehoog for […]