7 Hills run 15km of dying…. and surviving!

People who know me know I’ve always struggled with my weight. I still do. A couple of years back I lost a lot of weight and started running. I was terrible at it but at the same time loved doing it. I pushed myself to achieve things I […]


Hot trending topic around the Lotus community on twitter tonight: #StuffIMBersSay. All kinds of things IBM people have said that are silly, funny or simply plain absurd. Good fun and definitely worth reading! It was started by two IBM’ers as a joke apparently but spread around the world […]

No email day – The conclusion

Today was ‘No Email Day’ and I decided I had to put it to the test. So last night I activated my Out of Office with the following text: ‘Global no email day’ Go Social! Today (11/11/2011) is ‘Global No Email Day’ A day to see if we […]

Living outside the Inbox

IBM Benelux launched its “Outside the Inbox” campaign today with an inspirational video by Luis Suarez about working & living without being consumed by email. Must see for everyone! Link to the official site here

Bye bye email?!?

The Social Business revolution is here. We are living in a new world and one of the ‘old’ relics being under attack is email. Email a relic?? Yes in the eyes of some, it is outdated and in need of retirement. Nowadays it’s all about new forms of […]

Redbook recidency

In 2009 I had the honor of being chosen to be a part of the last formal Redbook by the Lotus brand. It was the “Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager” Redbook. A Redbook that tried to help customers on DomDoc make their […]

Choices…. where to post what

Nop, not mine but so excellent I can’t help but post it. Love the Google+ one as it is so accurate!!! I got it from Facebook but the original actually came from this blog post.

Social Media Myth Buster

Great video by Louis Richardson on Social Media Myths from a keynote he gave in Danmark. Worth taking the time to look at if your company is wondering why it should become ‘social’.

Google+ Ripples

So Google+ is still there. Yes, I know lots of people really like it but I’m still not there. The main reason? I STILL can’t update from any of my social apps like Yoono and Hootsuite (Google+ API not released yet) and it STILL looks like crap on […]

User friendly

Sometimes images just speak for themselves…… If your site shows input examples to show users what is expected of them, than make sure your example entries match the fields validation rules! Putting in an example with an underscore (“j_smith”) while an underscore is not allowed is really stupid […]