Still no access to Google+…. Getting frustrated!

Grrr…. Everybody seems to be tweeting and blogging about Google+ and I’m still waiting for my invite to arrive (yes I finally got someone to send me one, it just hasn’t arrived yet!). So I’m left waiting for Google+ to open up or the invite to arrive. And in the mean time all I can do is watch the demo….. Yeah nice.

Does give me the time to do some senseless scrutinizing of the site though… Which of course I did (love senseless scrutinizing!).

So on the demo site you can switch languages, not something I would normally do, prefer English over botched up Dutch anytime, but in this case I tried (for lack of better things to try). And the first thing I notice is that the “You” in the left upper corner is translated into “U” (formal form of ‘you’ in Dutch). But in the screen print on the screen itself it’s called “Jij” (informal form of ‘you’ in Dutch).

So, what does this tell us?!?

1. Google isn’t sure how to address their users in Dutch (formal or informal)

2. I desperately need to get into Google+ before I start writing even more of these idiotic blogs!

2 thoughts on “Still no access to Google+…. Getting frustrated!

  1. I love it…I too have not rec'vd any invitations and can relate to how you are feeling. lol keep up the personality -Britni

  2. Thanks Britni, in the mean time I got in! Yeahh!!…. But after all that waiting and hyping the actual experience is…. well, lets just wait and see, its still early days.You should be getting your own invitation shortly, added you to my 'circles'. Let me know what you think of it!

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