Follow up "Lotusphere-less"

A few weeks back I posted a blog with helpful links to Lotusphere resources for those of us that won’t be going but want to taste the atmosphere anyway. An updated follow-up of that blog with additional links is now posted to the IBM Insights blog. Check it […]

Structure for an unstructured mind

I just created a new tab on my Lotus Notes Workspace. ‘Workspace?‘ you ask. Yes, workspace. Ok, I know, it has been more or less buried by Lotus since Lotus Notes V5 came out. But every time I install the Lotus Notes Client the first thing I do […]

Happy Social Year!!

A few years back I made a dramatic change in my life. From being a pessimist I decided to become an optimist. I know sounds good, he?! “Where do I find that button?” Well you don’t. It took a lot of hard work and self-reflection to make a […]

Instagram – Let's capture the LS12 mood!

I stumbled upon Instagram a while back. A nifty little iPhone app (I don’t have an iPhone but use it on my iPad) that lets you quickly share photo’s that portray your mood of the moment to the world. Not whole series but snapshots that really give others […]

"Hello?!? I understand you are not there but where do I go now?"

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are here and most of the companies I work with are closed for the week or working on half power. Nothing wrong there. Heck, I’m officially ‘off’ myself at this moment! Sending out messages right now is knowing you’ll receive […]

Lotusphere-less… NOW WHAT?!?

If you are anything like me you probably had the dates for Lotusphere 2012 inscribed and blocked in your calendar as soon as they were announced last year and spend the last 11 months bugging your boss about letting you go (yes, I did). Still, not everyone gets […]

"IBM 5in5" five predictions for the next five years

IBM regularly comes out with predictions about the future of Tech. Not always accurate, most often very futuristic. On the Building a Smarter Planet Blog 5 of those were publicized today. I can’t help thinking that some are a bit too optimistic but then I was one of […]

Lotusphere Sparks session!

It’s getting close to Lotusphere. The excitement is building up with the session overview being announced today and less then a month to go till OGS! Busy times especially for the speakers who’s slides are due any day now.   Not selected as a speaker? There is still […]

social fun risks

I can be kind of goofy. Love a good laugh and am always in for a joke. So when someone starts a Twitter meme by tweeting a picture of his feet while in a meeting with the hashtag #TweetYourFeetFriday I will join in. Just for fun, I mean how […]

Trusting the social way

In 2009 I was on a IBM Redbook team, today I am again. I love it. This is such a great opportunity to learn, to meet, to share and to get a glimpse into how other people topple topics like Social, Collaboration and connecting at the business level. […]