Microsoft buying Yammer: big steps forward or stifling a promising hatchling?

Some interesting discussions going on this week about Social Business, Yammer being bought by Microsoft one of them. Until now I really haven’t given my opinion on it even though I was asked about it by several people as I have been blogging a few times about Yammer […]

#StuffIBMersSay: testing IBM's social elasticity

A while ago I wrote a blog post about a twitter meme that was going on where people were tweeting funny things IBM’ers had said with the hashtag #stuffIBMerssay. It became hot real fast and got over 3000 tweets and retweets before it died out after about a […]

Saying goodbye to Dublin. Social Connections III truly social!

So it is over, a couple of hectic days are coming to a close in the Dublin airport coffee lounge while I’m awaiting my flight back to Amsterdam. It was a great event in so many ways… The great venue at the IBM Developer labs and the hospitality […]

Meta data: A Date is a Date is a Date… or is it?

Dates, how I love dates! Dates are great to have as meta data on documents as they allow you to make detailed selections and searches, enable time critical workflows and allow for life cycle management. But dates also have a dark site to them: International date formats Those […]

Always wanted to be a Redbooks writer?

As most of you know, there haven’t been many Redbooks published for the last few years for the Collaboration software of IBM as documentation has moved more into Wiki’s. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities to be become a Redbooks author. One of them is […]

Give me forms give me fields give me Meta Data! (document management #2)

In my earlier post on Document Management in a social day and age  I promised to go a bit more into how and why to use Document Management. And how can I do that without talking about that most basic element of Document Management: Meta data It is […]

Do not disturb

Interesting discussion this morning with Sharon Bellamy on availability. If you put your Sametime on ‘Do Not Disturb’ the system will offer you to send an e-mail instead. So how is that not disturbing? Isn’t sending an e-mail just another way of demanding attention and a reply? Funny, […]

Session slides for my NLLUG / SocBiz2012 presentation on Gamification [DUTCH]

Gamification voor IBM Connections (NLLUG 15-5-2012) View more presentations from Femke Goedhart Location: Rotterdam Date:15-5-2012

The relevance of document management in this social day and age

Earlier this week I travelled to Luxembourg to deliver a document management project we have been working on for the last few months. A migration to Docova (Domino based Document Management system) of over 100GB of data that was previously stored in a Domino Document Manager (IBM product […]

social Language tutoring – paying in translations

Last week, while talking to a friend about how more and more books are becoming available online he mentioned reCaptcha. Now I didn’t know this one so when he explained that it uses the Captcha’s (those ‘are you human?’ tests you get when you comment on a website) […]