social fun risks

I can be kind of goofy. Love a good laugh and am always in for a joke. So when someone starts a Twitter meme by tweeting a picture of his feet while in a meeting with the hashtag #TweetYourFeetFriday I will join in. 
Just for fun, I mean how detrimental can a picture of two feet be?
Well…. I got told about the risks quite soon when someone who saw it pointed out the risks of certain fetishists picking up on it….

Mmm… ok yes. The idea actually had passed my mind when I was posting it but somehow I really didn’t fear that too much. Does that make me gullible? Probably, but at the same time I really don’t want to live my life looking over my shoulder every second for alternative motives. Do I expect them to be out there? Sure, do I want to mind? Nop. 
So call me crazy but I will do (good natured) crazy stuff some times. I do it in real life (ask my colleagues) I do it online (follow my Twitter). Most times it’s received as intended (good natured), sometimes its not. 

So does it mean I sometimes hit myself on the nose? Yes it does. Still I refuse to be anything less than the spontaneous, sometimes slightly crazy me!

ps. Why a picture of shoes and not the one of my feet? Well, I’m not that gullible as to putting the words ‘feet’ ‘fetish’  and a picture of my feet in one blog post. 🙂