HCL Connections Meetup – Stepping back…

When we started the Global HCL Connections Meetup call we did so with the intention to bring likeminded people together around the topic of Social Business in general, and HCL Connections specifically. And so it did! There were 25 meetups online and several in-person sessions and round tables […]

HCL Connections Meetup – July

With summer looming, we wanted to get together one more time before everybody heads off on holiday. Join us for our periodic discussions about anything and everything HCL Connections & Enterprise social Business! Meeting details July 17th 2023 16:00 CEDTLocation (online):https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81692128217 Meeting ID: 81692128217Find your local number: https://ht-group.zoom.us/u/abHYEL9b2w […]

AI meets Social Enterprise Network – HCL Connections Meetup

As you know we like to invite guests to kick of our HCL Connections Meetup calls and thus, when the topic of AI came up, why not invite it to the meetup! So this months topic will be: How does AI fit with Enterprise Social Network and HCL […]

The state of Social Business continued – Meetup

The last HCL Ambassadors meetup we did last December had a bit of an open end and therefor we would like to continue where we left off: With the state of social business and the position of HCL Connection in it. There were some interesting points about this […]

End of year HCL Connections Meetup meeting

Hi guys, we had to skip a few weeks but as it’s the end of the year we figured it would be a great idea to use that as a theme for this meetup. A time to look back at the year and to look towards the future. […]

October HCL Connections ambassadors Meetup: Quiet Quitting

The topic for this round table will be a controversial one: Quiet Quitting. Is there a link with HCL Connections, Employee Engagement, Communities and this phenomenon? Kate Bazilevskaya – Director of Business Development/Partnerships at Tiny Technologies will be our guest speaker this time. She will provide us with […]

June HCL Connections Super Users meetup – (How) Does it blend?

The University of Koblenz has been doing research into the world of Enterprise Social Networking and Collaboration for years. It has delivered many studies and insights into the world of Enterprise social networking and HCL Connections in particular. They’re also not just studying, but actively using HCL Connections […]

HCL Connections super users meetup IRL at Engage in Bruges!

We’re about two weeks out of one of the best conferences for HCL customers: Engage. Held in the beautiful city of Bruges. This yearly user group event had to be canceled due to corona in 2021 after narrowly avoiding being canceled in 2020 but is on again! And […]

May Meetup: How do Working Out Loud and Community Management enable ESNs?

When working community-based, Community Managers show how to live this way of collaboration and leadership as well as support, organize and enable communities to cooperate best. But how to learn this? The Working Out Loud (WOL) circle method can pave the way to improve connectedness, to become more […]

Automatic Lock/unlock on opening files

HCL released a new version of the HCL Connections desktop plugins last month (March 23rd 2022) that included a new feature: auto locking. Now back in the day when we still had CCM, the automatic prompt to checkout a file or not on opening was a great thing […]