October HCL Connections ambassadors Meetup: Quiet Quitting

The topic for this round table will be a controversial one: Quiet Quitting. Is there a link with HCL Connections, Employee Engagement, Communities and this phenomenon?

Kate Bazilevskaya – Director of Business Development/Partnerships at Tiny Technologies will be our guest speaker this time.

She will provide us with her thoughts about this trending phenomenon that stirred quite a lot of dust on social media lately. It was recently linked by Gallup group with employee engagement. And is seen as something driven by Generation Z and Millennials while also influenced by management examples and the overall quality of communication by management. So how does Enterprise Social Network and HCL Connections fit into this discussion? Join us and chime in!

Kate has 15+ years of experience in the branded content space and was featured among 100 Significant Women in Native Advertising worldwide by the Native Advertising Institute. Kate has won over 65 prestigious advertising awards for branded content, including Cannes Lions, the Webbys, D&AD, and One Show. Her projects have been featured by Business Week, Business of Fashion, Nieman’s lab, TechCrunch, etc. She also holds UX Certification (Interaction Design) from Nielsen Norman Group. Kate leads strategic partnerships at Tiny, including the partnership with HCL.Tiny is the creator of TinyMCE, the successor to Ephox’s Textbox.io and EditLive! a long-time member of the HCL Connections community and a fully distributed/remote company.

Meeting details

October 12th 2022 16:00 CEDT
Location (online):
Meeting ID: 81692128217
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For whom is this call?
The Global Ambassador / Super User call started as an initiative by Joerg Rafflenbeul and Femke Goedhart to bring together people who within their own organizations are (or consider themselves) advocates, super users or ambassadors for the HCL Connections platform. To discuss and exchange information around the platform and challenges encountered while getting it to be adopted by your organizations. It is open to all who are interested, work with it or are interested in the user enablement/adoption topic. Meetings take place once every 4-5 weeks via an online meeting.
Got a story to share? We always like to kick off our calls with a 5 min intro by one of the participants explaining about their situation and challenges. So reach out to one of us if you would like to do that in one of our next meetings!