HCL Connections Meetup – Stepping back…

When we started the Global HCL Connections Meetup call we did so with the intention to bring likeminded people together around the topic of Social Business in general, and HCL Connections specifically. And so it did! There were 25 meetups online and several in-person sessions and round tables at various conferences over the three years that we hosted this initiative. With many great and engaged discussions.

However, times change and so do roles and priorities and that’s why we’ve decided that we will be stepping back from organizing the meetups. Next week we will be hosting our last HCL Connections online Meetup call. If others would like to take over organizing and continue, then we would of course support this.

Please join us for the last HCL Connections online meetup hosted by Joerg and me on December 4th at 4PM CEDT. We hope to see many of you who joined us in the last three years for one more great and engaged discussion on all things Social Business and HCL Connections!

Meeting details

Dec 4th 2023 16:00 CEDT
Location (online):

Meeting ID: 81692128217
Find your local number: https://ht-group.zoom.us/u/abHYEL9b2w

For whom is this call?
The Global HCL Connections Ambassador / Super User call started as an initiative by Joerg Rafflenbeul and Femke Goedhart to bring together people who within their own organizations are (or consider themselves) advocates, super users or ambassadors for the HCL Connections platform. To discuss and exchange information around the platform and challenges encountered while getting it to be adopted by your organizations. It is open to all who are interested, work with it or are interested in the user enablement/adoption topic. Meetings take place once every 4-5 weeks via an online meeting.

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  1. Hi Femke, can you ping me about this when you have time? I have a few things I would like to discuss.

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