June HCL Connections Super Users meetup – (How) Does it blend?

The University of Koblenz has been doing research into the world of Enterprise Social Networking and Collaboration for years. It has delivered many studies and insights into the world of Enterprise social networking and HCL Connections in particular. They’re also not just studying, but actively using HCL Connections themselves and therefor know about it both from an empirical as well as theoretical point of view. We’re therefor very happy to have Professor of Business Application Systems Petra Schubert of the university of Koblenz as guest speaker for our meetup this month!

This is one you don’t want to miss as the theme for the meeting will be something that all of us will recognize:

“(How) Does it blend?”

Within many if not most organizations that are using an ESN like HCL Connections, there are other tools and features in use as well. Together comprising the Enterprise Collaboration Stack (ECS) that is offered to, or demanded by, end users. How does this blend and what considerations are there? Petra will start this meeting with a sneak peek into the recent empirical study done by her and her colleagues on this topic, after which there will be room for discussion and debate about how this blending of multiple platforms and tools works in your organization.

So join us for an hour of interesting insights and discussion!

Meeting details

June 23rd 2022 16:00 CEDT
Location (online):

Meeting ID: 81692128217
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For whom is this call?
The Global Ambassador / Super User call started as an initiative by Joerg Rafflenbeul and Femke Goedhart to bring together people who within their own organizations are (or consider themselves) advocates, super users or ambassadors for the HCL Connections platform. To discuss and exchange information around the platform and challenges encountered while getting it to be adopted by your organizations. It is open to all who are interested, work with it or are interested in the user enablement/adoption topic. Meetings take place once every 4-5 weeks via an online meeting.
Got a story to share? We always like to kick off our calls with a 5 min intro by one of the participants explaining about their situation and challenges. So reach out to one of us if you would like to do that in one of our next meetings!