AI meets Social Enterprise Network – HCL Connections Meetup

As you know we like to invite guests to kick of our HCL Connections Meetup calls and thus, when the topic of AI came up, why not invite it to the meetup!

So this months topic will be: How does AI fit with Enterprise Social Network and HCL Connections? Kate Bazilevskaya – Director of Business Development at Tiny Technologies, will introduce our special guest ChatGPT to talk AI with AI! Kate prepared a short “fireside chatbot” with an AI-generated voice for ChatGPT to help explore the massive impact AI will have on us in the next few years.

So join us and lets explore what role AI can play in ESN and HCL Connections.

Meeting details

March 8th 2023 16:00 CEDT
Location (online):

Meeting ID: 81692128217
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For whom is this call?
The Global Ambassador / Super User call started as an initiative by Joerg Rafflenbeul and Femke Goedhart to bring together people who within their own organizations are (or consider themselves) advocates, super users or ambassadors for the HCL Connections platform. To discuss and exchange information around the platform and challenges encountered while getting it to be adopted by your organizations. It is open to all who are interested, work with it or are interested in the user enablement/adoption topic. Meetings take place once every 4-5 weeks via an online meeting.

Got a story to share? We always like to kick off our calls with a 5 min intro by one of the participants explaining about their situation and challenges. So reach out to one of us if you would like to do that in one of our next meetings!