open mindedness

Note! I found the text from this post below while cleaning up some folders. It was a text I wrote to post as a blog post almost exactly 3 years ago but somehow I never posted it… I think I wasn’t pleased with it or didn’t think it […]

'Twas the night before Xmas…' (in a social age!)

My little interpretation of a time honored Christmas poem. Enjoy the Holidays everyone!

KLM: Surfing the social media tidal wave

Earlier today KLM, the biggest flight operator at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam experienced problems after a software update. It caused their site, booking systems and other operations to fail and caused lots of delays and disruption at their main hub, Schiphol Airport. I’m not flying today but noticed […]

#StuffIBMersSay: testing IBM's social elasticity

A while ago I wrote a blog post about a twitter meme that was going on where people were tweeting funny things IBM’ers had said with the hashtag #stuffIBMerssay. It became hot real fast and got over 3000 tweets and retweets before it died out after about a […]

Always wanted to be a Redbooks writer?

As most of you know, there haven’t been many Redbooks published for the last few years for the Collaboration software of IBM as documentation has moved more into Wiki’s. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities to be become a Redbooks author. One of them is […]

iPad: One year on

Got a Memolane reminder of tweets from a year back this morning and noticed this one: I can’t believe it’s a year already! And more importantly I can’t believe how important it has become since then. I use my iPad more then any other device, and take it […]

Deleted tweet and heated discussions

Ok, this one just rubbed me the wrong way. Yesterday I followed a heated twitter discussion between @MatNewman and @APACloud (Andy Pattinson – ProQuest) on Lotus Notes vs Google Mail. I’m always interested to learn what makes/breaks the products I work with so I followed the twitter exchange […]

Repost IBM Insights Blog: Food For Thought – The New Player on Stage

I recently started writing for the IBM Insights blog As part of a team of Redbook Residency bloggers. The aim is to write about anything having to do with Social Business or Social Media. To keep track and a personal log of it all I will repost […]

Social consolidating: Facebook buys Instagram

It was just announced that the popular social photo network Instagram was bought by Facebook… Wow! With that Facebook is doing yet another major buy in social Media land. I can’t say I’m happy with that. Yes I Facebook and yes I like it but what I like […]

Yellowverse world wide social challenge yourself challenge!

I LOVE running… when I do it. The problem is: I don’t do it enough. There simply doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do so and well… I’m way to attached to my laptop / ipad / MacBook / smartphone screen. I know I’m […]