Deleted tweet and heated discussions

Ok, this one just rubbed me the wrong way.

Yesterday I followed a heated twitter discussion between @MatNewman and @APACloud (Andy Pattinson – ProQuest) on Lotus Notes vs Google Mail.
I’m always interested to learn what makes/breaks the products I work with so I followed the twitter exchange although I must say it all got rather direct… (nasty?)

What I mostly got from it was that it wasn’t a real discussion. Mat, asking (in his own unique enthusiastic way) for substantiation on some statements about Lotus Notes vs Google mail was replied with  statements in which he was called a lunatic and on crack.

Regardless of the form, I think it’s always important to keep the focus on the topic, not on the person.
So, although I must admit I was a bit annoyed by the unwarranted insults (even if meant in a jokingly way), I couldn’t help but wonder whether @APACloud actually had anything to say on the topic (Google Mail vs Lotus Notes) or was just trying to get out of a discussion he wasn’t up for but doing it the wrong way (getting a bit childish instead of admitting he had just made a rash statement he was not about ready to have a debate on).

And to test that I asked him to elaborate a bit on his claims about Gmail being so much better then Lotus Notes. Something that was asked by @MatNewman as well but just didn’t seem to be getting an answer.







Now at this point I kind of got that he really wasn’t up for it and I was about ready to leave it at that when he replied my tweet saying (something like) “Perhaps we could do a call on this, would love to elaborate”. Surprised I accepted.


I was genuinely up for it as I love to get the perspective of someone else. I only have limited experience with Google Mail so having a chance to talk to, and get the perspective of, someone who claims having used both professionally, as well as knows something about Salesforce (a topic I’m also interested in) was something I wouldn’t pass.

Notice how I included every tweet form our little exchange except that one in which he invites me for a call?

Well guess what, this morning, reading back the exchange (yes I do that sometimes) I noticed he had actually deleted that particular tweet. Apparently it was just a way to get out of the discussion and to shush me up. So I expect no call on this and to be honest after this, I’m not even up for it either.

Next time, be a man and just say you’re not up for the discussion.

3 thoughts on “Deleted tweet and heated discussions

  1. Never argue with an unarmed person, they just stick to their guns. Sorry I missed that discussion, I have had those with others online and the problem is while I am usually able to see their points, they are unable to see mine. What makes one love Gmail is almost what makes one dislike Notes or Outlook for that matter and vice versa.The problem has become people want a UI that works the way they want, not the way the company, or manufacturer, imposes.Which is why i spend time on the UI openness, moving columns, making the interface more for the user.Shame you didn't get the call with him.

  2. Yes, as said I was genuinely up for that call. Think that when things get bogged down in 140character-onliner-discussions it's time to move it to a real conversation. I really would have been interested in what he had to say on it. Just sorry it had to turn out this way.

  3. Interesting how an offer to assist degenerated into name calling and ranting.  I'm always up for a discussion, especially when the originator is prepared to outline their experience and explain their problem so that I might actually assist them resolve it.

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