What's in a name

I hate those flaky terminologies that are used to describe certain ICT phenomena’s without actually defining them. Everyone is talking about it but nobody really knows what it entails. The term ‘Web 2.0’ is a good example of that. Ask anyone and they will either come up with […]

Silly Season – Breaking news

The one thing that Social Media has tought us is that you can never predict what is hot or not. Even the most trivial thing can be made into a straight out hype on the Internet within a day. Take the infamous “Blumenkübel”. Now you might think ‘What?’ […]

HOLLAND BEAT BRASIL! (and twitter!)

Ok, nobody can have missed it but the Dutch lions have beaten the Brasil canaries in South-Africa’s Worldcup quarter final. 🙂 Something that is cause for a lot of celebrations here in The Netherlands! And the one thing that Dutch like to do when they celebrate is to […]

Social Media

I’ve been blogging for several years now. But, just personal stuff, for Friends & Family so to say and avoiding anything having to do with work. I’ve had a LinkedIn profile and Twitter account but didn’t do much with those. After hearing some stories about using Social Media […]