Connecting to Connect – Talking to Kathy Brown about games, quizzes, sparks and ABC's

Connect is more then just a technical conference, it’s a geek-get-together. And a lot of what makes it such a great event is organized by ordinary participants. Kathy Brown takes time out between packing and getting ready for the conference to talk about her planning for IBM Connect, […]

Connecting to Connect – Stuart McIntyre

Unfortunately I won’t be attending IBM Connect this year and believe me, watching all the posts, tweets and message from people who are going isn’t always easy. Then again, up to 4 years ago I myself had never been to Connect (Lotusphere) and didn’t know what I was […]

IBM Connect-less… NOW WHAT?!?

A few years ago around this time I wrote a blog for those of us unlucky enough to not be going to IBM Connect (which was then still called Lotusphere) that year. It listed helpful links and tips on how to stay connected & informed for those not […]

Times are changing so are the names…!

The anticipation for Connect 2014 is growing. The yearly conference in Orlando that brings together the best of our technical IBM community and an opportunity to meet with experts, build or renew friendships and learn about upcoming changes and improvements in the IBM Collaboration Software stack. I’m not […]

Social marketing… what's in it for me?

Monday morning someone in my network tweeted a link to a site called “#UncoverPhilips“. A promotion by the large multinational we all know quite well to get some social buzz around their new logo that they are announcing today (Nov 13th 2013). The site was quite simple and […]

Update.. it has been a while!

It has been a while since my last post and a lot happened. After attending ICONUK in Brighton in September and the Leadership Alliance in Boston two weeks ago I went back home to train for the Zevenheuvelen loop. A 15k race in November that Silverside traditionally competes […]

ICONUK Session slides: "Requirements Gathering or the secret art of mindreading"

Session slides for our session on Requirements Gathering as given by Tim Clark & me on September 2nd at ICON UK in Brighton. Session abstract: Often forgotten or trivialized, good requirements gathering can make or brake your project. This session will give you techniques and tips on how […]

Social Connections V – or the story of a STRESSful city

The 5th Social Connections in Zurich last Friday was a great success. It is always a joy to see when things come together and they certainly did this time! I flew out of Schiphol airport on Wednesday night after dropping off my car at the massive car park […]

Social Connections – Zurich

Online Ticketing for Social Connections V – Zurich powered by Eventbrite I know I’ve been less than forthcoming with posts these last few weeks, my apologies for that. It has just been crazy busy. First of all with work, second of all with achieving my CIP (Certified Information […]

How to prevent the community manager from exploding

<vent on> To all organizations who think they’ve got it all sorted out so nicely because they have a community manager MANAGE it all… Calling them ‘manager’ doesn’t mean they can control everything their community does or say unless you actually: give them managerial rights over their community […]