Social Media Week & IBM's new approach to collaborative intelligence gathering

It’s Social Media Week! Did you know? Ok, I’ll admit I didn’t either until it was pointed out to me. But there are some really interesting experiments going on this week around the topic ‘Social’.

IBM is joining in and performing a Smarter Commerce Scan.
An experiment where they are trying to see if it is possible to gather intelligence by posting tantalizing topics around different aspects of Social Commerce to the Social grid. Each day a new question is posted and by the end of the week an Executive summary will be made highlighting key themes and trends as well as top responses.

The first question posted:

One of the central tenets in the emerging idea of “social business” is that people do business with other people, not companies:
How should all aspects of commerce — selling, buying, providing service, developing products and marketing them — become more human? More centered on building and maintaining relationships? More personal and personalized?

Wanna join the discussion?
Check the IBMSocBiz on Tumblr site for daily topics & responses and follow the hashtag #IBMSocBiz. Answer through Tumblr or use the hashtag #smwQ1 (‘Q1’ for the question of the day) in your social streams. There’s even an app for iPhone & Android (see tumblr site).
Make your voice be heard, Social is the way to go!