Docova v3 – exciting new features!

DLI tools announced that they are soon releasing v3 of their Docova product. Docova which is a Domino operated web based Document Management system has extended facilities for managing documents, setting up document workflows and collaborating online.

Although I’m not at liberty to disclose any of the new features I must say I got enthusiastic when I saw the list! Certainly for clients currently in the process of migrating off the retired IBM product Domino Document Manager (DomDoc) as some of the new features allow for a more seamless transition. However, this product isn’t just great for companies already invested in Document Management. It is a great product to start your Document Management strategy with as it allows for highly customizable as well as standardized solutions to your business needs.

For those still contemplating migrating off DomDoc and for all those thinking about implementing document Management: I can wholeheartedly advice you to sign in for their online sneak-peek event held on October 13th where they will disclose some of the new features.

Sign in on LinkedIn or check out the Docova websitefor more details

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