Upcoming events & the IBM Champions program

My blog has been really quiet the last few months for which my apologies. It’s one of those times where I simply don’t have time to blog nor the topics to blog about. But as there were a few things noteworthy lately I figured it’s time to do an update blog now. Continue reading Upcoming events & the IBM Champions program

A new phase – I'm joining panagenda!

As many of you know I’ve been working for several years as a business consultant in the area of Social business, Collaboration and Document Management. However earlier this year I decided that I wanted to expand both my knowledge as well as my international reach beyond what I had been doing so far and decided to open up the door for new opportunities. It didn’t take long for an opportunity to show itself and I am happy to report that I will be joining the team at panagenda starting May 2nd.

For those unaware; panagenda offers solutions, expertise and consultancy in the areas of optimization and analysis of clients, servers and applications as well as provides expertise and solutions on areas like (big) data analysis, cloud services, communication, mobility and social business/collaboration.
The Headquarters is situated in Vienna, Austria but the panagenda group has offices and local representation in over 15 locations and customers in over 70 countries. One of which is the Netherlands / BENELUX area.

I’ve long known and respected panagenda and have come across them more then once through my work as an Collaboration/Social Business consultant and at conferences and feel honored to be allowed to become a part of this great company. My new role will involve consultancy in many of my favorite areas like data analysis, collaboration and social business but will also allow me to be more involved in other aspects like the market and solution development areas. Allowing me to use my curiosity, creativity and innovative skills in a broader spectrum then I have so far. I’m thrilled to start this new challenge and look forward to becoming a part of the great team at panagenda!

Announcement – Starting up a new venture

[dutch translation below]

Ipsamet logoAs of April 2015 I am starting up a new venture under the name of Ipsamet Consulting focusing on business analysis and information management. This won’t change my role within Silverside, where I will continue to work, but I will also be taking on this new and exciting challenge.

I have always been passionate about information, knowledge and enterprise content management. A dynamic area where things are changing rapidly due to the rise of social enterprise networking, big data and analytics. Experience has shown me that organizations need to re-evaluate their processes, incorporate new ways of thinking and change their mindsets on many levels. This can sometimes be a daunting exercise but the rewards are also very exciting! Building bridges between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, finding solutions for the problems around managing knowledge & information and advising organizations on how to take that next step into the future is where my heart and passions lie.

By starting this new venture I’m creating the space to apply my experience, explore new technical areas, expand my research and to take on projects that will allow me to dive deeper into this exciting and ever-changing area of expertise.

I’m thrilled with this opportunity to explore new areas while also still remaining a part of the incredible Silverside team. The knowledge and experience I will gain in this way will strengthen both my new venture as well as my work for Silverside. The next few months will be an exciting time of sharing and discovery for me as I help develop new projects. It’s an exciting prospect and one I wholeheartedly look forward to!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in learning more about my plans or if you want to talk about how I can help your business.


[DUTCH translation]
Ipsamet logoPer April 2015 ben ik gestart met mijn eigen onderneming Ipsamet Consulting op het gebied van business analyse en informatie management. Mijn betrokkenheid bij Silverside zal inhoudelijk niet veranderen maar wordt wel teruggebracht in capaciteit om hier tijd en ruimte voor te maken. Continue reading Announcement – Starting up a new venture

Silverside moved – Come celebrate!

Due to expansion and new people joining the firm it was time to say goodbye to our old offices in Gouda and to find a new (and bigger!) home. So this summer Silverside moved offices from Gouda to Capelle a/d IJssel where we now have a beautiful new office overlooking the A16. To celebrate this occasion we will be hosting a party & reception on October 2nd. Curious about our new venue? Join us in celebrating!


  • 15:30 t/m 17:30: Open door
  • 17:30 t/m 18:30: Official opening
  • 18:30 t/m ..:..: BBQ en party!

We would love to see you on October 2nd!

RSVP through link

Dander4Dosh – Break(ing) in the foot

Ok, so people who know me might know that I broke my foot last November. I was training for a 15k race (running) and missed a curb…. Stupid, stupid, stupid….

https://i0.wp.com/photos-f.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-ash/1389568_1385292018377909_1263321968_n.jpg?resize=171%2C171Seven weeks of a cast, a wheelchair and crutches on I was more then ready to restart my live and decided that I had to get back in the swing of exercising. As running still felt a bit daunting so soon after the break and as I had already kind of committed myself to walk the Dander4Dosh I figured it would be the perfect way to force myself into a regular exercise pattern again. And so it did. For the last 5,5 months I have been walking daily. Doing a morning round before work and an evening round after dinner. I even went up to Northern Ireland for a weekend last March to get some elevation training in (The Netherlands is not exactly big on hills you know…).

Dander4 Dosh… So what is it? Well, figure a team of nerds from all over the globe (Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Portugal and USA) who’ve met each other at conferences or through the social media channels. Not particularly well trained (or at least not all), not at all the typical ‘athlete’ type but with a big dose of humor, a spiderman onsie or two (no not me!), enough connected and GPS enabled devices to get us to the nearest pub and a target to get: Walk 5 days to raise as much money for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) as  we can!

This isn’t the first Dander4Dosh although it is going to be my first. The team consists of 7 walkers and two lovely volunteers who will most likely have to rescue us and transport us to the nearest pub at the end of the day. ‘Rescue us’ as we unfortunately lost our designated map reader: Eileen, who can’t attend due to work related obligations. The route will take us along the coast line of Wales through picturesque places who’s names I will probably never be able to remember or pronounce correctly and it will be long… very long.

In the run up to this walk there has been some confusion about the total distance we will be walking in 5 days. Somehow someone said it was 85 miles, some thought 92 miles and others said 100 miles. I’m the ostrich type of person so I opted to convince myself it would be the already daunting 85 miles…. Yes you guessed it, it turns out to be the 100 miles (160km). How are we going to do that?!? Well probably with a lot of blisters, aching muscles and some cursing.


Steve has pledged that the more money is donated the bigger the chance of seeing him wear this on route…. Not sure if I like that but it’s all for a good cause!

You can help! As mentioned above we will be raising money for MSF and to do that we set up a donations page. Every cent donated there is another incentive (and stick behind the door!) for us to walk. So help us out and donate on our Just Giving page. The money will be going directly to MSF and will be well used by this fantastic organisation. In return I promise we will be posting lot’s of updates on twitter (follow #Dander4Dosh) and Facebook and Steve will hopefully use his amazing (and slightly deranged!) writing skills to write a day by day review of it all on the blog afterwards. Reading last years blog about D4D2013 was what got me into it this year and is well worth it if you are interested in the antics of a group of otherwise quite normal IT folks in the wilderness of Scotland.

Plus you have my promise that as I will be armed with a smartphone, ipad and a MiFi -which I hope will have coverage in rural Wales-, there will be lots of ‘Spiderman & consorts meet Wales’ updates!

ps. As we speak a second group of nerds is doing a related fund raising tour driving up to the northern most point of Norway on bikes. Check out the journey of the Dash4Dosh boys here!

Update.. it has been a while!

It has been a while since my last post and a lot happened.

After attending ICONUK in Brighton in September and the Leadership Alliance in Boston two weeks ago I went back home to train for the Zevenheuvelen loop. A 15k race in November that Silverside traditionally competes in with a company team. This year would be even bigger as we have 3 teams of employees, customers and relations lined up. People who know me know that I love running even though I’m an absolute lousy runner (I’m undoubtedly  the slowest of the bunch). So doing a 15k is not something I take lightly and I had been training for it for months. Unfortunately all that was for nothing as an overlooked curb last week means that I broke my foot and will be confined to wearing a cast and stumbling around on crutches for the next few weeks. So no running for a while!

Luckily all this happened after I returned home from my trip and from seeing New York and the NY Giants. Yes, I know, not all of you might get this but after the virtual Super bowl party we had two years ago a big dream for me was to go see an actual NFL American Football game in one of those enormous stadiums. As we do not have any American Football here that meant a lot of organizing and planning but last month it all came together and together with Mitch Cohen (who, after all, got me hooked on the game in the first place!) I got to see the NY Giants beat the Minnesota Vikings in the Metlife stadium in New Jersey. It was an all around great experience and one I won’t forget any time soon!
NY Giants


A thing I’m not going to be involved in for a while is Social Connections. Two years ago I was adopted into the Social Connections team by Stuart McIntyre, Simon Vaughan, Sharon Bellamy and Lisa Duke to help organize the events and since then I’ve been involved in helping out with the organization for SOCCNX Dublin, Amsterdam and Zurich. It was a roller coaster of fun and challenges and a steep learning curve in organizing events but each one was more fun then the one before and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world! Unfortunately it’s also a lot of work and with the already heavy workload I’m facing I decided after the event in Zurich that it was time to take a step back. I’m grateful to the rest of the team for making me a part of such an incredible team and who knows, I might be back for a future one!

So that’s it for now. I will be out of the running for a while trying to get back on my feet (literally) but I’ll be online on Facebook, Skype & Twitter so don’t hesitate to ping me!