A new phase – I'm joining panagenda!

As many of you know I’ve been working for several years as a business consultant in the area of Social business, Collaboration and Document Management. However earlier this year I decided that I wanted to expand both my knowledge as well as my international reach beyond what I had been doing so far and decided to open up the door for new opportunities. It didn’t take long for an opportunity to show itself and I am happy to report that I will be joining the team at panagenda starting May 2nd.

For those unaware; panagenda offers solutions, expertise and consultancy in the areas of optimization and analysis of clients, servers and applications as well as provides expertise and solutions on areas like (big) data analysis, cloud services, communication, mobility and social business/collaboration.
The Headquarters is situated in Vienna, Austria but the panagenda group has offices and local representation in over 15 locations and customers in over 70 countries. One of which is the Netherlands / BENELUX area.

I’ve long known and respected panagenda and have come across them more then once through my work as an Collaboration/Social Business consultant and at conferences and feel honored to be allowed to become a part of this great company. My new role will involve consultancy in many of my favorite areas like data analysis, collaboration and social business but will also allow me to be more involved in other aspects like the market and solution development areas. Allowing me to use my curiosity, creativity and innovative skills in a broader spectrum then I have so far. I’m thrilled to start this new challenge and look forward to becoming a part of the great team at panagenda!

12 thoughts on “A new phase – I'm joining panagenda!

  1. Wow i’m sure will be a win win situation! A great add for a great team 😉 happy to read nice news like this , best wishes

  2. Hi Femke, woohoo!! Congratulations on the move and the new gig! As Matteo mentioned above, what a win win situation, indeed! It’ll be exciting to hear more about the new learning opportunities and everything that comes in between! Congrats on the move and guess you are back home from that lovely trip that started in Lisbon? ?????

    1. Thank you! Yes I had a fantastic holiday walking 260km of the Camino Portugués from Porto (Portugal) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in 12 days. It was absolutely fantastic and everything I hoped from it. Feeling very relaxed now and looking forward to starting my new job on Monday! 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Femke! Best of luck in the new team!

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