Social Connections Munich: To Dirndl or not to Dirndl…

Well not really of course, but lets face it, it’s an interesting way to start an article about a conference that will be held just short of German October Fest in the heart of Munich. Especially knowing that I might be Dutch but work for an Austrian/German company and just happen to have a dirndl (don’t ask, it was a dare)….

So what am I really talking about? I’m of course talking about Social Connections. The user group for users working with Connections (what was formerly known as IBM Connections). This event is organized roughly every 6 months somewhere around the globe and brings together customers, partners and HCL to talk about and present about the platform. Most importantly though this time is special as it will be the first major event completely focused on the Connections platform since the announcement of the sale of the platform to HCL. It’s also being touted by HCL itself as a flagship event and THE place where they will be talking about the plans they have for the future. Some of which has already been discussed at the Factory Tours and other events as well of course….

I can’t wait! Like most people I’m very curious to see what HCL has planned now it owns the Connections platform and to hopefully also see some of what is planned in action (demoes!). I’m especially interested to learn more about their plans for integration with other vendors, platforms and products as that has traditionally been a bit of a problem area while it was still IBM. As HCL doesn’t seem to have the same historical (strained) relations with others this opens up a lot of avenues. So I have big hopes!

But this conference is more than just about the plans HCL has, it’s also about seeing and hearing what the market is doing.

To be honest, the last year has been difficult. The potential sale and consequent transfer period of the platform caused a lot of insecurities among customers and partners and it also caused a delay in bringing out certain much needed improvements. Luckily HCL seems to be hitting the ground running and it will be interesting to speak to customers and partners what the announcements will mean to them and their future plans.

So… will I wear a dirndl? No, I was just joking. But will I be there, talking to customers, partners and HCL’ers? ABSOLUTELY! And if you are there, and interested in learning more about the challenging side of community management on a bigger scale? Come join me in room Haidhausen 1 at 2:50PM on Monday September 16th in Munich. I look forward to seeing you there.