Explaining My Drive & File Sync and how it affects versioning

My Drive was introduced to replace the previous sync options of IBM Connections. It offered some additional features like being able to sync not only files but also complete folders. Great! But working with My Drive also often causes a lot of confusion which might need some explaining….

Versioning doesn’t do what I expect it to do!

The most important one being that versioning works completely differently when a file is placed in My Drive from how it works for files not placed in My Drive.

This is often complex to explain to users and I do get asked after it on a regular basis. So for one of my customers I wrote the following presentation, explaining & visualizing what happens to versioning when files are placed in My Drive. They were kind enough to let me share it publicly too in case others were in need of similar information.

Perhaps it can help you (or you users) understand this a bit better too:

Example of one of the visualizations, click the image or link for the full presentation on Slideshare

Other resources about My Drive and how it works: