Ephox EditLive pimping the richtext editor in IBM Connections: Hello spell check!

Wow! Now I heard the story two weeks ago at Social Connections where Ephox EditLive! was one of the sponsors but didn’t have time to take a good look at what it was they actually offered. “A better richtext editor for your Connections environment…” Right, have to admit that really didn’t get me excited right there and then. The richtext editor as I know it worked pretty well… or did it?!?

Well tonight I know better. Our Administrator posted a status update earlier today saying he had installed it on our environment and curious as I am I immediately tried it out. On opening any richtext input field within the IBM Connections environment the EditLive! plug-in loads instead of the normal richtext editor so users don’t have to do a thing except for approving the use of the plug-in on first open.

The first thing I noticed: IT SUPPORTS RIGHT MOUSE CLICK SPELL CHECK ACCESS! Ok, yes I know, perhaps not the most important for all but to someone who’s switching between two languages constantly a vital element of text editing and one of the most irritating things in IBM Connections today. Sure, the standard text editor will highlight wrongly spelled words but right mouse clicking it will not list alternatives, it will give you a ‘paste’ option…

Well in the EditLive! text editor it does work, listing me alternatives and even synonyms. That in itself was enough to get me very excited. Even more excited I got after realizing it adds a host of other great features. Things like “Track changes”, image editing and in-line comments.

So I’m more than curious now, can’t wait to test this further but I must say I’m impressed! This is going to be a great add-on for any IBM Connections environment and I can recommend anyone to give this Beta a try.

4 thoughts on “Ephox EditLive pimping the richtext editor in IBM Connections: Hello spell check!

    1. Yes, loved that one too as well as the options to then edit it right in the post (drop shade, cropping, reflection, flipping the image…) Really great additions while working with rich text!

  1. Hi Femke, I’m the Director of Products at Ephox. It’s great to hear that EditLive! is working out well for you. We’re hoping that it will lead to better spelt and more graphical IBM Connections content for all :-).

    We know that it’s the little things that count when it comes to working with a rich text editor whether it’s spell checking or copying and pasting images. You might want to also try out EditLive!’s support for tables as you should find them much improved as well.

    If you’ve got any other comments or suggestions on how we can improve things it would be great to hear from you, especially during the beta period.

    1. Hi Damien, thanks and yes will definitely check out the table options too!

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