Docova 3.5 – no more IE lock-in!

Docova is a web based Document Management system that caters for both basic and complex Document Management from department to enterprise level. It supports customizations and is compliant with most international record management standards. We’ve been working with it for several years now and I love it although it does have, like all software, its little nuisances.

The recently released Docova 3.5 has some great new features (check their blog) that will solve a lot of those. In particular the fact that the web components now supports Firefox and Chrome where previous versions of Docova would only run in MS Internet Explorer or in Firefox with IE-Tab plug-ins installed. A great enhancement as, although still preferred by most IT departments, Internet Explorer certainly isn’t the preferred browser among users any more!

Interested in these new Docova features? Register for their webcast about the new release tomorrow or try it out yourself with a free 30 day trial in the Docova cloud solution (another great new addition with this release!).