Docova 3.5 – no more IE lock-in!

Docova is a web based Document Management system that caters for both basic and complex Document Management from department to enterprise level. It supports customizations and is compliant with most international record management standards. We’ve been working with it for several years now and I love it although […]

Give me forms give me fields give me Meta Data! (document management #2)

In my earlier post on Document Management in a social day and age  I promised to go a bit more into how and why to use Document Management. And how can I do that without talking about that most basic element of Document Management: Meta data It is […]

The relevance of document management in this social day and age

Earlier this week I travelled to Luxembourg to deliver a document management project we have been working on for the last few months. A migration to Docova (Domino based Document Management system) of over 100GB of data that was previously stored in a Domino Document Manager (IBM product […]