Lotus Notes Gems: Set the default font for mail

Every now and again you learn about a new functionality or option in your favorite software that has been there for a while and you really should have know about but simply didn’t… And although you love it as soon as you learn about it, it also bugs the hell out of you that you didn’t learn it before!

Well here it is, my gem of the week:

In Lotus Notes mail if you want to set the default font for new messages simply create a new mail, create some text according to the font, color and size you want and click the [Text]; [Set current font as mail Default]. It will automatically update your basic font settings to reflect your new preferred settings. So simple and yes, so easy.

I don’t know how I could have not known about this one! Especially as it has been in Lotus Notes since version 8.5.2 apparently, but as I do right now I can’t help but write it down. Perhaps someone else missed or forgot about this one too and could use a reminder 🙂

6 thoughts on “Lotus Notes Gems: Set the default font for mail

  1. That’s a great feature Femke, don’t forget you can also use File -> Preferences -> ‘Fonts and Colors’-> ‘Mail view font’, to change the fonts used to style the java based PIM apps interface to suit your own preferences for viewing information as well 🙂

  2. Thanks Femke for the solution i have been looking for quite a time now.

    As earlier I was trying through preferences but that didn’t help and had to select the desired text on each new email.

    Thanks Again : )

  3. I have Notes 9. Notes documentation for 9.0.0 and 9.0.1 continues to list help as you have stated. But I can’t find ‘Set current font as default’ in my Text menu. I have to change font in all my new emails! This is just one of the several trivial issues I face everyday, which makes me so less productive. Do not like the software.

  4. Hello this setting is derived from the mailtemplate. You need maildb wiich inherits its design form a 8.5.3 or 9.0.1 mailtemplate, then you have this option

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