Social Connections & James Joyce

Just booked my tickets to go to Social Connections III in Dublin on June 22nd. Really looking forward to it as I was not able to attend the previous Social Connections events held in Cardiff and London.

One of the major things I’m looking forward to is being there where it’s all happening, the IBM Development Labs in Dublin, the mothership for IBM Connections and hearing from others using, developing and working with IBM Connections!

Social Connections Banner

Now going to Dublin in June is nice for more then just the user group. As I lately (thanks to a quirky twitter conversation with Steve McDonagh (@DominoyesMaybe) got into reading some James Joyce. The advise I got from him and others when starting this endeavor was to ‘read out loud‘ to grasp the meaning of some of the pretty complex words & sentence structures used.

So I am….


Each night, just before falling asleep I read (out loud) a couple of pages in my best Dutch-imitating-an-Irish-accent English of ‘A portrait of the artist as a young man‘. Yeah, I know, weird hobby, but reading it out loud does absolutely help in better understanding the meanings of some of the complex words and sentences used, and besides, it can be kind of comical hearing my own bad attempts at imitating that lovely accent! So after reading about Dublin I can’t wait to see the city in real life. Too bad I’m just a week late for Bloomsday