The machine?

To rebel against the system doesn’t necessarily always mean ‘refusing to do it‘ as long as it means ‘doing it consciously‘. Social Business is like that.  It doesn’t necessarily mean changing everything you are used to do but it does mean doing what you do as a conscious individual. An individual that realizes it has the power, ability and responsibility to leverage, to transform, to improve and if necessary to even leave.

So is it really the ‘system’ that is holding us back in making our workplace a truly Social Environment or is it our own perception of what we think being a good employee is? Do we expect the companies to lead us into the social age or should in fact we shed our often self-imposed role as a quiet, diligent and opinionless workforce and take our companies by the hand and show them what social can really mean?

Luis Suarez writes in his last blog how employees have far to long been seen as mere ‘resources’. He is right but is it just the companies task to start recognizing us as intelligent living beings or should we in fact ourselves first start realizing what our intrinsic value is?

After all isn’t it really our own perception with which we empower the system and not the machine that has been holding us back in becoming truly social all along?

 ‘When they give you lined paper, write the other way’ – Juan Ramón Jiménez