Tech war winners & losers of the week

It has been an exciting week so far!
Lotus Notes 8.5.3 got released with some nice features and an entitlement for using Connections Files & Profiles greatly improving the future of Lotus Notes as part of the Social Business Strategy. The new XWork server license model was introduced by IBM to allow the selling of xPages without having to have it ‘Lotus Notes’  branded. And Apple revealed their new iPhone5….ehhh….. Nop, sorry not yet we’ll milk out the old one first with the iPhone4S.

Furthermore IBM passed Microsoft on the inside in market cap and Apple revealed….. ehhh….. nop.

Ok, week isn’t over yet. Let’s see what else comes up but so far I like it!

Demo of Lotus Notes 8.5.3 integration with Connections:

Ok, is my view colored? Yes. Am I biased? Yes but hey, aren’t we all..!