My fifth limb

This week it became painfully clear how much I am attached addicted to my laptop. I attended a training course and as it was all theoretical I didn’t have to bring my laptop. In fact they told us not to bring one as the classroom wasn’t closed off and they didn’t want the responsibility of one being stolen. And so it came to be that I left mine at home.

I felt completely uncomfortable! As if I had run out of the door forgetting to put on my clothes. I felt naked. Now of course I know that that is really unrealistic and slightly ‘workaholic’ like. But it’s the truth. My laptop is the first thing I power on in the morning and the last thing I power down at night. I’m totally addicted to mail and social media and I Google everything. I’m the kind of person that has to deliberately plan active holidays to prevent myself from spending my holiday behind the screen. My worst nightmare? that it is stolen!

Ok, so I’ve got a problem there (AA for laptop addicts anywhere?) but luckily for me I got a new toy recently to obsess over. After not having a smart phone for two years I finally decided to get a Blackberry again. Now I can even check my mail, twitter, etc. in bed!

Yeah right, even for me that was just a bit to neurotic. So now I leave my Blackberry next to my laptop when I go to bed…… and dream about it being stolen……

I really desperately need a hobby!