Has Google gone beserk?

Yikes! Have you’ve seen those new background images Google put in yesterday?!? My God, here I was opening my trusted Google page to do a search and instead of the simple white page with search bar and funny but discrete picture I got this:

What the …..?! Do the want to make me color blind???

Now, I don’t mind a bit of color but this is insane. It lacks all sense of proportion and balance and you can hardly read the text below the search box anymore because of the white lettering on a multi colored background. It looks as if some starter designer has gone wild and nobody discovered it (He, it’s only the most used page on the web…..dôh).

Luckily for my sake this morning they turned of the imagery and returned to the trusted old white page. An option in the bottom (which I only noticed today as it completely falls away against the colored background) still allows you to change it to the image background but the default is back to plain old white again. I really hope they keep that novice designer in check from now on. Change is good but with all the resources and money Google has they should be able to do better than this!

ps. I’m clearly not alone in this…….!  link