Weekend 'splash'

Took my car to the carwash yesterday for the first time in 4 months to wash off months of mud, dirt, snow sludge and salt. Then looked for the first big mud puddle I could find and ……. drove straight through it! ….grin….

Social Media

I’ve been blogging for several years now. But, just personal stuff, for Friends & Family so to say and avoiding anything having to do with work. I’ve had a LinkedIn profile and Twitter account but didn’t do much with those. After hearing some stories about using Social Media […]


Wikipedia has a nice definition when it comes to ‘usability’ in relation to computer science: “the elegance and clarity with which the interaction with a computer program or a web site is designed” A very, very important part of designing applications and websites and at the same time […]

Lotussphere 2010

So OK, I’ve already mentioned Lotusphere 2010 was the inspiration for this weblog so the logical first blog would of course be on….. Lotusphere 2010! What can I tell you, my mind is still trying to find it’s way back to earth after being in the ‘cloud’ for […]

New beginnings

Ok, It’s always daunting to start something new. A new blog is no exception to that. Yes I’ve been blogging before but in that blog I described only my personal live, as I like to keep my personal and bussiness live seperated (not easy if you’re a work-aholic […]