Has Google gone beserk?

Yikes! Have you’ve seen those new background images Google put in yesterday?!? My God, here I was opening my trusted Google page to do a search and instead of the simple white page with search bar and funny but discrete picture I got this: What the …..?! Do […]

Article 'The View'

The article on Document Management I’ve been working on for the last weeks is finally finished and published. A summary can be found by following the link below. The Lotus Professional’s Guide to Document Management For full access you will need a subscription to the View.

Working the network

 Like most people I have more than one email address. I’ve got a business address on Lotus, a personal POP mail on my own domain, an address for an organization I do volunteer work for and several other Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail addresses. Apart from that I also […]

DAOS checklist

Nice checklist for people planning a DAOS implementation with lots of further links for additional information. Especially the one about Backup’s. It’s the one thing that sticked in my head from the 10 worst real live examples of ‘how not to‘ given in the  “BP108 Worst Practices….Orlando we’ve […]

Undocumented Method

I’ve been busy, really busy the last couple of weeks. Mostly with writing jobs I had to finish. I’m still working on an article and apart from that have been really busy with several reports and Functional Design documents so writing on my blog kind of fell in […]


Started a small series of blogs on Document Management today for our new company Blog. Explaining what Document Management actually is and how it can benefit your organisation. For those that are interested: klick here (It’s in Dutch).

Document Management

At the moment I’m working on a side project. An article on Document Management. It’s based on the model we presented at Lotusphere and tries to clarify what Document Management is and how you should look at it if you are considering using it. Apart from that I’m […]


Today on the news: the newest risk to our youths health; Infobesity How do they come up with it. Ok, it’s not even a new term but Infobesity means as much as constantly consuming enormous amounts of non-information. Through tv, pda’s, text messaging, Twitter, blog’s and multiple social […]

Fleeting ideas or verbal diahrrea?

Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Look sharply after your thoughts, They come unlooked for, like a new bird seen in your trees, and, if you turn to your usual task, disappear“. I wonder what he would have made of Twitter….