NFL season structure – infographic

Following the infographic I did two weeks ago about Folders vs Tags I decided to do another one on a more light hearted topic this time.

A few years back I got introduced to the NFL. As a non-American this sport had always been completely alien to me with rules that were utterly unintelligible. Thanks to tireless explanations and instructions by some friends however I started to understand and – most importantly – enjoy it and even ended up attended my first ever (virtual) super bowl party.


One of the important lessons I was given in the run up to that was by my good friend Mitch who explained to me how the NFL was organized and how each season was structured. I still cherish the note I took on a post-it during that conversation and it formed the basis of this infographic. Just a fun experiment and who knows, it might help someone else get a better understanding and love for the game too.

This infographic is also posted to and can be viewed or embedded from here

NFL Season structure

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  1. Your graph highly invited me to discover the information … so it works 😉 Thank you

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