NFL season structure – infographic

Following the infographic I did two weeks ago about Folders vs Tags I decided to do another one on a more light hearted topic this time.

A few years back I got introduced to the NFL. As a non-American this sport had always been completely alien to me with rules that were utterly unintelligible. Thanks to tireless explanations and instructions by some friends however I started to understand and – most importantly – enjoy it and even ended up attended my first ever (virtual) super bowl party.


One of the important lessons I was given in the run up to that was by my good friend Mitch who explained to me how the NFL was organized and how each season was structured. I still cherish the note I took on a post-it during that conversation and it formed the basis of this infographic. Just a fun experiment and who knows, it might help someone else get a better understanding and love for the game too.

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NFL Season structure

Folders versus Tags – Infographic

For a while now I’ve been working on various posts on the topic of “Folders versus Tags” and why there is no such comparison really… This is a topic that is often hotly debated among people involved with social business and definitely close to my heart. The problem is, none of those posts ever saw the daylight as they became too long, too complicated and simply said: boring. There is a lot to say about this topic but most of all a lot of explaining. therefore I tried something different. I hope this infographic will help explain some of the specifics of each of the options and why comparing them isn’t always possible. Have fun!

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Folders versus tagging

Worldwide use of Social Networking

Interesting visualization of Social Network penetration world wide by Global Web Index. The Netherlands scores average when it comes to content sharing & messaging but considerable less when it comes to joining/creating groups. Not something I would have expected!
Most notable though I find are the figures for Japan. For a country so obsessed by mobile gadgets you would expect them to be more active on Social Networks as well.

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