Social Connections – Zurich

I know I’ve been less than forthcoming with posts these last few weeks, my apologies for that. It has just been crazy busy.

First of all with work, second of all with achieving my CIP (Certified Information Professional by AIIM) certification and lastly by Social Connections.

After a very successful Social Connections IV in Amsterdam the International IBM Connections user group is about to decent on Zurich for a day filled with high level sessions and great exchanges on June 28th. On top of that we will be hosting a great evening program with a dinner at the Zurich lake and the Michael Sampson masterclass on Thursday June 27th. To organize all this and make sure it all runs smoothly needs a lot of organizing as you can understand. Something the Social Connections team has been very busy with and which has taken most of my time.

So hopefully I’ll be able to blog a bit more once this is over. Till then bare with me and if you haven’t done so yet then sign up for Zurich! The event is free and it’s the best opportunity to learn more about IBM Connections and get insight into how Social Business can help your organization take the next step. I hope to see you in Zurich!