Social Connections – Making the connection

After months of preparations, endless Skype chats, mails and phone calls, lots of hard learned lessons and some of the funniest situations I’ve found myself in ever, Social Connections IV, the IBM Connections user group event is now a fact. It was a lovely day with great speakers, fantastic sponsors and most importantly with lots of people there to make it real, to make that social connection….

Sitting on my couch going through the pictures, the tweets and the blog posts written about it I can’t help but be proud of what we as a team managed to get together. It was so much better than I could ever have hoped for. Thank you everyone but especially Stuart McIntyre, Sharon Bellamy, Simon Vaughan, Jon Mell and Janneke Kamhoot for what you guys have done. It was a fantastic day!

nerdgirls rule!

getting ready for opening session & keynote…

(pictures courtesy of Social Connections facebook group)