Best in Breed

We might have already known it but now the rest of the world seems to catch up too. IBM Connections was awarded the V3 “Best Business Social Media Product” 2011. 

for now just a category in a long list of awards but I’m sure this category is gaining importance fast and can’t wait to see how the new and improved IBM Connections (of which little sneak peeks were released over the last few weeks) is going to do. I’m sure it’s a definite leader on a market that seems to gain momentum really fast!

For the full list of awards & winners go here

2 thoughts on “Best in Breed

  1. Saqib,Interesting question. To be honest I had to check some facts on Cattail myself as it's an internal IBM project that I had only sideways heard off. The principles outlined in the document you referenced are however almost one-on-one translatable to Connections. In fact you could say that the things outlined in the document cover 'Files' in Connections. Connections itself however is even bigger then that, allowing for a much broader Social Experience where the concept of People-centric over Document-centric is taken a step further as the core is not the file but the person (profile). Allowing for collaboration in all kinds of ways through Bookmarks, Communities, Blogs, Wiki's, Activities and status updates and where information is shared and enhanced by tagging, linking and activity streams. It is taking the best of several Social tools and bringing that together in an environment suited for business use. However….. any social tool can only thrive if the organization using it is willing and open to change. Social Biz is a revolutionary way of working and most companies will need to make a revolutionary change in their business culture to make it a success. Tooling can and will help show the way but it's the people that will make it a success.Please feel free to contact me directly ('Contact' link in the top bar) if you need more info.Femke

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