7 Hills run 15km of dying…. and surviving!

People who know me know I’ve always struggled with my weight. I still do. A couple of years back I lost a lot of weight and started running. I was terrible at it but at the same time loved doing it. I pushed myself to achieve things I never thought possible. Like running a half marathon which I did twice. Since then however I slacked of, gained some weight again and stopped running.

I hated that but finding time and motivation to start running again was really hard. So for the past 3 years I had to decline when colleagues asked me to join the company running team for the 15km Seven Hills run in Nijmegen. Ironic as I was kind of the one that got the team started.
But today I finally joined and ran that 15km. It was REALLY hard and my time is not exactly a world record but I’m proud of it nonetheless. I did something that was totally out of my comfort zone and managed to succeed.

A perfect end to a perfect week!

So when you see me smiling like a mad man with a medal around my neck then know that I fought for that thing and died a thousands times doing it…..


21-11-2011: One day later and fully suffering all the muscle ache it’s time to put things into perspective. My time (1:59:49) gave me the 25934th place out of 25964 finishers. Which means I didn’t come in dead last but came pretty close to it. 
Still… considering 31000 people registered I at least managed to finish!