No email day – The conclusion

Today was ‘No Email Day’ and I decided I had to put it to the test. So last night I activated my Out of Office with the following text:

‘Global no email day’ Go Social!

Today (11/11/2011) is ‘Global No Email Day’

A day to see if we can live outside our mailbox…. I think it is possible so I’m giving it a try for a day!What does this mean? Well that I will try not to use my email today. Will that mean I’m not available? No, I’ll be available, just on alternative communication channels like Sametime, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn and ofcourse through my phone number or texting (SMS).
So if you want to connect to me today then try using one of the channels I’m listing below. Give it a try, you’ll see it’s an experience! Or if you don’t want to, then don’t worry. I’ll try to at least scan my messages once during the day for urgent matters and otherwise I will be back to my mailbox on Monday.

Up for a try? These are the channels where you can find me:!/FemkeGoedhart
Skype: search for my email adress
Mobile phone/Texting (SMS): +31 (0)6 xxxxxxxxx
Sametime: Search for me on Greenhouse, LotusLive, Bluextend or Bleedyellow Sametime communities

Hope to connect to you!

For more information about ‘Global no email day’ and about living ‘Outside the inbox’ check out the following sites: ‘outsidetheinbox’  & ‘No email day’Or contact me, I’d be happy to tell you all about it!Femke

Broadcasted my intentions to the world and started the day with all the right intentions of not using mail.

To be honost, it was hard at first as it just is second nature to me to react to each #PLING# from my mailbox. But after realizing this, I simply muted the sound and from then on it was more or less plain sailing. Being at a customer location, in my car and at a dinner with friends helped keep my mind of it and as I kept other channels like my Skype and Sametime open as much as possible I kept connected to the world.

The only real hickup I had was when I found I didn’t have access to Sametime/Skype. Which I solved by activating them on my iPad through a Mobile connection. In itself not a problem were it not for the fact that I’ve got a dual SIM with a single number that I use for my BB & iPad. I conveniently forgot that only one can be activated at a time…

So what was the conclusion at the end? 
I recieved 37 emails of which I only read 2 (urgents). I did not send any email myself. I used Skype & Sametime as well as Facebook. I send out some tweets but less then other days (simply to busy). I couldn’t use my phone most of the day due to my own stupidity but still managed to have some valuable calls done after I figured out my mistake.
Most importantly though I had some great discussions on using the Social Business strategies and on Document Management.

I now have 35 unread messages in my inboxes…. It’s tempting to read them (it’s past Midnight) but will leave them for tomorrow. I know, It’s weekend, I should actually leave them for Monday but lets take this one step at a time…

I totally love social but I’m also still hooked on my email #PLING#!