I was watching television yesterday when something caught my eye. For a while now we’ve been innundated with show reruns on television. Yes I know it’s a very common thing in other countries but here they used to prevent that as much as possible. I don’t know why but since about a year they completely dropped that. Now all blockbuster shows seem to be rerun at least three times within a two week period.

In between shows and during advertisement sections they sometimes list the shows that will be shown later that day or week as an appertizer. Because of all the reruns they started to list reruns as “-showname- (Rerun)” so you knew it was a rerun. Very handy if you are a regular viewer.

Now the thing that caught my eye today was that in such an appertizer listing they now actually listed a show as “-showname- (New episode)”. So from running a show only once and maybe rerunning it half a year later we’ve gone to it being so extraordinary to get a new episode that they are actually emphazing it…..sigh.

No wonder I seem to read more books than ever….