Social networking in RL

I got this link from a tweet someone sent and checked it out. Nice presentation clearly when linked to the whole Google+ hype at the moment. What I found most intriguing though was the creators little bio. It said “I find out what things people need and care […]

Feedback? You bet!

With Google heading in a new and possible exiting direction with its Google+ project and their new Me on the Web tool I was checking out some of the new features and stumbled upon the Google Profile. Not something I had ever seen before (even though it supposedly […]

VMWare's Mother's day offer

Did you get it? No? Well than you missed something. Two weeks ago I received two messages in the mail from VMWare with a Mother’s day offer: The first one addressed me, telling me how VMWare would save me time that I could than spent on finding my […]


Did you now what a Captcha was? I didn’t until I started writing this blog. Searched for it and found out it’s actually a term, not a product or company. Oh well.  This wasn’t my reason for writing this blog, I just found the below Captcha quite funny. […]