IBM Connections Folders #1: Community Folders

Last week CR4 for IBM Connections 4.5 came out. An intermediate update that had a few new options for file management in IBM Connections. One of which was the ability to add Communities folders. Until now the standard option to get a folder in a community Files section was to […]

Shared folders – potential security issue

IBM Connections allows users to share personal folders with groups, communities and users. An ideal option to share sets of documents/files with multiple target audiences at the same time. There are however some caveats. Especially in situations where Shared Folders are used to share potentially sensitive information with […]

IBM Connections 4.5 and Connections Content Manager available

As announced the IBM Connections 4.5 release and the Connections Content Manager add-on were made available for download today through the appropriate channels. The following sites give information on features, links to relevant content and pricing: blog by Luis Benitez with relevant video’s and links Official IBM Connections […]

IBM Connections 4.5 and Connections Content Manager release dates announced

IBM outdid itself this time by announcing the release of IBM Connections 4.5 and the new Connections Content Manager for March 29th 2013. Only 2 months after first presenting it at IBM Connect. On top of the great new features IBM Connections 4.5 offers, Connections Content Manager will […] – bringing SharePoint into IBM Notes

As Silverside has recently become a partner for I've been testing their plugin for IBM Notes. A plugin that allows organizations running SharePoint as well as IBM Notes to have access to their SharePoint content from within their mail environment. I must say I’m enthusiastic! Originally […]

Connections Content Manager: Social document management in IBM Connections

One of the more exciting announcements at IBM Connect 2013 to me was, without doubt, the announcement of the enhanced CCM (IBM Connections Content Manager) edition. “Exciting?” you ask? Yes exciting but apparently not to all as I was amazed to find it got quite a lukewarm response […]

Document management: the one characteristic all standards have in common… they change

So you think you have your document management and data retention all set. You have a plan, a system and a storage procedure to ensure information is there for when it is needed… Or is it? I got a powerful reminder of how important it is to not […]

Docova 3.5 – no more IE lock-in!

Docova is a web based Document Management system that caters for both basic and complex Document Management from department to enterprise level. It supports customizations and is compliant with most international record management standards. We’ve been working with it for several years now and I love it although […]

Meta data: A Date is a Date is a Date… or is it?

Dates, how I love dates! Dates are great to have as meta data on documents as they allow you to make detailed selections and searches, enable time critical workflows and allow for life cycle management. But dates also have a dark site to them: International date formats Those […]

Give me forms give me fields give me Meta Data! (document management #2)

In my earlier post on Document Management in a social day and age  I promised to go a bit more into how and why to use Document Management. And how can I do that without talking about that most basic element of Document Management: Meta data It is […]