IBM Connections explained: Why a "Like" matters!

I often get asked about things in IBM Connections that need some explaining. One of them is the value of using the Like button in IBM Connections and whether people really should use it in a corporate environment. Let me be clear: You should! But in stead of writing another blog on why I decided to do it a little different this time and try my luck on explaining it in a video. I hope this will help!


I’ll try to do a few more like these over the coming weeks and in case you guys have questions you would like to get an answer to in regards of IBM Connections functionality let me know! who knows, I might do that one next then 🙂

3 thoughts on “IBM Connections explained: Why a "Like" matters!

  1. I would also say that “not liking matters”. Because “not liking” something implies that the content that someone else shared with you is not relevant to you.
    So imagine that someone trusts you as an expert on subject XYZ.
    When that person finds a resource dealing with subject XYZ and sees you (who are supposed to be an authority on that subject) did not like it, then he may think that the information is really not relevant.

    In addition, liking is kept in consideration from the search engine…

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