Connecting to Connect – Stuart McIntyre

Unfortunately I won’t be attending IBM Connect this year and believe me, watching all the posts, tweets and message from people who are going isn’t always easy.

Then again, up to 4 years ago I myself had never been to Connect (Lotusphere) and didn’t know what I was missing. So, to stay connected to what is going on the next two weeks in Orlando as well as to perhaps give others who have never been to the conference a little peek into what Connect’O’sphere is all about I decided to try something new (and scary) and record a short podcast. Why? Well the fact is that podcasts often give a good sense of the atmosphere but at the same time cost a lot of time to record and edit. The regular podcasters who will be there will undoubtedly turn out some great ones but having a perspective from someone from the outside could be interesting too I figured. And if not, it would still give me an excuse to soak up a bit of the atmosphere vicariously! 🙂

So today is the first attempt and luckily for me my first guest Stuart McIntyre has a lot of experiences in both podcasting as well as attending Lotusphere/IBM Connect (his 10th) and was more then willing to help me set this first one up and talk about what he is expecting from Connect this year.

So here it goes. It might die a very soon and early death but if I can find some people willing to talk to me while enjoying Connect next week then I might be able to post a few more over the next two weeks!

Download link – MP3

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And for those wondering, yes I’m a total newbie at this so bear with me as I hopefully get better at this!