Google+ Ripples

So Google+ is still there. Yes, I know lots of people really like it but I’m still not there. The main reason? I STILL can’t update from any of my social apps like Yoono and Hootsuite (Google+ API not released yet) and it STILL looks like crap on my iPad (iPhone app makes it a bit better but not much).
If they think I’m going to drop all my other networks and switch over just like that they are dreaming.

But in the mean time they are clearly working on it and this week an interesting new development was the release of Ripples. An option that shows you how your public posts are being shared accross yours as well as others networks. Yes, have to admit. I’m impressed. Will this win me over?? Not yet (see above) but it does make me wish Twitter will copy this one really quick because I’d love to see this kind of detail on my Tweets!